Systems versus software

The web development has changed dramatically in recent years. Just a few years ago, a large number of websites were implemented with HTML and functions were programmed with PHP or other scripting languages. Meanwhile, there are a lot of powerful standard systems for different needs: Content Management Systems like TYPO3 for web sites and portals, e-commerce systems like Magento for webshops or blog systems like WordPress for online blogs and communities. 

Recommend principle We use the proven systems for such requirements because these systems offer a high level of security and scalability for the customer. Proprietary systems are generally treated with caution and often arise for the customer undesirable dependencies from the manufacturer of the software systems. 

Certainly, there are still many cases in which the development of its own software is useful. We develop custom software for the customer whenever the use of a standard system brings more disadvantages than advantages. For example, in very specific needs or applications.

Web-based software development

We specialize in web-based software, which is software that can be operated via a web browser. For this software, users do not have to install anything locally. A certain exception to this mobile app that the user on the phone to be installed. For software development we use modern frameworks and methodologies.

  • Frameworks: Laraval, Zend
  • Versioning: Git, SVN
  • Methods: ModelView Controller, object-oriented programming

Extensions and extensions

For web-based software development also means that the functionality of standard systems are supplements that are not yet or only insufficiently available. We develop, for example, on behalf of our customers Extensions (Extensions) for TYPO3 or Magento to special functions in a website or an online store to integrate.

Our services in software development

  • Web-based software based on PHP / MySQL
  • Mobile apps for Android, Apple, Windows
  • Cloud solutions
  • Software as a Service
  • Extensions for CMS and E-Commerce
  • Interfaces for web applications