Social media: the new form of online communication

Web 2.0 and social media have revolutionized communications and opinion on the Internet. In addition to classical web presences and online advertising to communicate directly with customers and multipliers therefore become increasingly important. 

We ensure that you in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Xing , but also in blogs are perceived and other online media . We support you in dialogue with your users to establish your brand on the Internet. For this, we define a proper, credible and sustainable social media strategy . 

We deliver creative ideas, but go anyway methodical, structured and policy-oriented front and offer a complete service of analysis to evaluate your social media campaign .

Social Media Monitoring: Analysis and Consulting

We follow the motto “structure follows strategy” . The basis for the individual social media strategy is, besides the consideration of your industry and the industry environment, the benchmarks as well as an analysis of the relevant opinion leaders for the respective products or services. After the analysis we choose appropriate communication channels and define the strategic approach for your social media campaign.

Community management and social media intelligence

Perception and interaction when actively taking care of their customers (users). Once your social presence is constructed, we create an editorial calendar to guide an ongoing dialogue with your target audience. With us, there is no automatic content distribution, we adapt our language to the respective channels and interact individually and responsibly with your users. The goal is the establishment of a loyal user group from which you can profit. Use the community to learn from your users (customers) and complement the classic market research through dialogue and communication!

Success measurement of your social media campaign

Our concepts generate fans, followers, Plusher or subscribers. The transformation of a visitor to the fan is the beginning of a lasting relationship, which must be cultivated and optimized. Quantitative data such as the number of fans or followers are easy to capture. Qualitative indicators such as commitment or influence are, however, more difficult to measure and require a competent interpretation. Based on the platform statistics we put the advertising value determined your campaign and provide a customized ROI calculation.

Our social media services
  • Social media analysis: companies, industry, multipliers, key-influencer
  • Social media strategy: consulting, creation, planning and implementation
  • Onsite Optimization: Social Bookmark, Plug In, Like Buttons
  • Creation and administration of social media accounts including design and editing
  • Community Management: Editorial support and maintenance of social media accounts
  • Programming of guidelines and applications
  • Creation of Social Media Release (so-called Press Release 2.0)
  • Social Media Controlling: Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Optimization
  • Social Media Bannering: media planning, editorial, design, advertising campaigning, campaign optimization
  • Social Media Workshops: Your employees learn the right way of dealing with the social media platforms