Follow function, design and content of the current screen resolution of the desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Responsive Web Design is a current technology available, which allows using HTML5 and CSS3 media queries to ensure the uniform view content on a website. Here, the layout of a website is so flexible that this on the computer desktop, tablet and smartphoneprovides a consistent user experience and the content can be totally absorbed and quickly by visitors.

Meaning of “Responsive Web Design”

“Form follows function” – the Responsive Web Design follow function, design and content of the current screen resolution of the desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The term Responsive Web Design means in a figurative sense . “Responsive Web Design” content and navigation elements, as well as the structural design of a website to adjust the screen resolution of the mobile terminal -. it responds and corresponds to the resolution of the mobile terminal Responsive web design follows the user and not, as at present, the user.’s most rigidly constructed layouts of conventional websites and online shops

Advantages of the “Mobile Website Optimization”

The advantages of Responsive Web Design show up in statistics and trends for the use of mobile devices. The increasing share ofsmartphones and tablets such as iPhone and iPad also force a rethinking in the design of websites. Has so far been optimized for a screen resolution of up to 1000 pixels wide on the computer desktop, it must be taken today on a variety of different devices consideration:

Standard resolutions of smartphones and tablets:

  • Smartphones: 320px by 480px
  • Tablets: 768px to 1024px
  • Computer desktop: 1024px +


If the strict separation of mobile and desktop version of the site, so a non-responsive enabled site, there is an increased maintenance effort of editorial content and images. Wlhat’s more, the site may allow for future tablet or smartphone formats requires a third or fourth version of the layout.

Why Responsive Web Design?

With optimized websites responsive user groups can be optimally served. In times of rapidly growing sales of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is Responsive Web Design the ability of the device-independent communication. For companies and website operators, this approach is one key factor in the communication strategy represents

Responsive web design is shown to be a promising and cost-effective approach than the sum of integrated communications . The increased use of the Internet via mobile devices is forcing companies and publishers, more than ever, to theneeds of the mobile user to take and target groups. It is important to know the needs and technical requirements of its users. Before developing responsive websites optimized analysis in terms of user groups is more important than ever to develop not to overshoot the mark.

Responsive Web Design is the future of modern website

Responsive web design is not a trend! studies on sales of mobile devices indicate a steady increase in sales of tablets and smartphones . This development is being pursued not only by the professional scene with euphoria, there are almost daily new developments in the field of technical and graphical implementation of websites for mobile devices. Responsive web design plays with the cross-device flexibility a key role in this movement, which is increasingly becoming a Standard developed.

Another aspect of the sustainability of responsive websites represents the maintenance effort ., the entire content of a website, whether graphical or textual nature, are created once and can be used on all current and future devices and resolutions made ​​at a constant user comfort.

About Responsive Web Design

Not all content play for each screen resolution an existential role or reason for being. Here it is already in the conceptual design phase, the content structure for the various resolutions to be determined. In the early development of responsive optimized websites should also always defined with the smallest screen resolution (Mobile First). This forms the basis for all other scenarios the desired screen resolution.Not to neglect the available bandwidth and the partially limited data volume of mobile devices. It should be taken in the design and definition of elements in order to keep the data load as low as possible. When introducing Responsive web design must also work results are thoroughly tested. With the large number of terminals, the test processes with emulators, simulators and real devices.This phase of the project is reflected due to the many possible scenarios much more time consuming than for conventionally designed websites for desktop PCs or laptops.