Pay-per-click (PPC) or search engine marketing allows you to offer keywords and keyword combinations that are relevant to you in the search engines such as Google. You pay for this type of advertising only when a user clicks on your ad.

PPC: Pay Per Click with Google Adwords

Google Adwords has now become the market leader among the PPC providers in search engine marketing. Since over 90% of the users in Germany use Google as a search engine, Google’s advertising, ie the Google-integrated SEM-Instrument Adwords, is also generated by most users. Therefore, the search advertising is one of the most important disciplines in online marketing . Pay-per-click advertising offers an enormous, short-term customer potential depending on the desired keywords. Unlike the classical search engine optimization , which requires a longer start-up period, you will be forwarded to the PPC marketing quasi from the first hour website users. The number of these is limited only by your advertising budget. However, this form of advertising is always linked to the PPC auction. If you pay nothing more to Google Adwords, is not as fast any more users. SEM marketing does not provide a sustainability as offered by professional search engine optimization. The price to be paid per click is determined on the one hand by the prevailing competition (how many competitors also offer on selected keywords) and on the other hand by the quality of your advertising campaign.

The biggest dangers in PPC marketing or Why should you bring a SEM agency for the search engine marketing into the boat?

The danger of wasting PPC-marketing plentiful advertising budgets is quite high. The whole thing seems easy at first sight: Just enter a few keywords, set the daily advertising budget, finished. Whether or not a customer is created, a sale or a service request comes from the campaign, which is so fixed, is often not followed. Fast, hundreds, if not thousands, have been spent without measurable success. The same errors are always made:
  • The Adwords advert at No. 1, no matter what it costs:Many Adwords New customers do not look at the price-per-click. The customer’s main focus is not competition. In this way, bid prices are often immeasurable. A profit is then usually not realizable.
  • The wrong keywords:Often unaware Adwords customers really bring what keywords and sales. Many keywords promise enormous traffic, costs so much money, but cause not often for sale or to a customer inquiry.
  • No campaign structure:Often some Top Keywords are simply set in Adwords with the default Broad match. This promises a lot of traffic with little effort, but means as much as: Your ad appears whenever Google thinks that the search query could somehow fit into your “campaign”. Often, the resulting click-through prices are much too expensive and Google often presents itself rather generously in the conceptual interpretation. The user clicks a lot, but does not buy anything, a lot of money is wasted.
  • Bad Ads:Unclear ads cause relatively few users who view the ads, this also click in order to rise in Adwords automatically clickthrough rates. You pay more and more for the same keyword.
  • Poor Landing Pages:The landing page is the page that users are taken to when they click on the ad.Very often these are not optimized for the respective ad or it is even the homepage of your website. The user thanks it by clicking on it.
  • No Monitoring:Many Adwords customers look in the total expenditure and then decide more or less from the gut, whether “more” would also “more” worthwhile. A real monitoring based on the individual keywords, including the evaluation according to the achieved goals (sales numbers or contacts) is often not.
There is still a whole collection of more hooks and catch cords that need to be mastered, so that an Adwords campaign will generate lasting profit. The Designnplace PPC experts are experienced in the construction and optimization of SEM campaigns and can help you to use your PPC advertising budget as effectively and profitably as possible.