Mobile Marketing

In the case of mobile marketing, a company’s services and marketing activities are directly tailored to receive on mobile devices. Digital advertising content, which is called up from the mobile device, has to be specially prepared: Touch screen operation, a smaller screen and the changed user behavior compared to permanently installed PCs make it necessary to achieve the advertising messages faster and more targeted. A random view into a telecommunications shop shows: There are hardly any mobile phones that do not have an Internet access. Mobile marketing is taking advantage of this trend and wants to reach the user wherever he is – everywhere.


Mobile marketing can be an additional service of a company to customize the content of a website or a shop specifically for the reduced display of a smartphone. As a rule, the content is reduced, only actual sales-related information is transported. In addition, the Mobile Marketing also served the possibility to send SMS with specific product information to a target group or a specific landing page set up, which can be accessed only via the smartphone. The objective of mobile marketing is to arouse user interest and generate sales conclusions.

How does mobile marketing work? advantages

The main advantage of commercial campaigns, which are transported via mobile telephones, is the constant accessibility of the target group. If a user has made a purchase decision, he or she can put it into action immediately in the form of an order or booking. Otherwise the purchase intention can quickly fall back into oblivion. Mobile marketing allows a direct response to an advertising message. Product information can, for example, be converted into sales by means of SMS, recall or online orders with a few clicks.

Who is approached with mobile marketing? Delimitation of the target group

Companies are using mobile marketing to address the younger generation or the mobile-friendly user group, who is mobile surfing and actually accesses mobile content. Depending on the campaign, the implementation of mobile marketing is differently time-intensive. The creation of a landing page can take a few weeks with planning and implementation – an SMS can be sent immediately.