Email Marketing

Designnplace is MailChimp expert. MailChimp is a very easy-to-use e-mail marketing program. You can easily create a template and fill in and send your newsletter, but of course we also help you to set up a professional newsletter.

What Designnplace can mean to you

Do you miss the time and expertise to deploy e-mailings correctly? Let Designnplace take care of this. Where we can help you:
  • Management of the mailing list. Designnplace builds your current file by generating new logins through your website and keeps your file up-to-date and clean.
  • Think about content. If you have news or a special offer, we will put this into an e-mailing that will trigger action. Even if you do not know what you want to email, we will be happy to assist you.
  • Functional design. We design and structure your digital newsletters to suit your corporate style, show your information clearly but deliver results (= clicks).
  • Shipping at the right time. We know what are the best days and times to send an email so that as many recipients as possible read your email. Of course, we will always discuss this with you so that this time is right for you and so you know when you can expect applications or orders.
  • Measuring is knowing. We continuously test and improve our mailings so that more and more people open, read, and click on the right links.
  • Clear reporting. You will receive a nice report after each email, so you can see what it delivered and so you can see progress over previous mailings.
  • E-mail marketing and newsletters

    How many e-mails do you receive daily? Probably there are many. E-mails can be easily created and sent. E-mail is therefore one of the most successful services on the Internet. That is why, and the newsletter is the online marketing tool number 1 ! But how many mails contain interesting and exciting information for you? If we subscribe to a newsletter on the web, we would like to have good content and valuable information. Depending on the target group or target, newsletters must therefore be designed differently. Content, shipping method and time must be aligned with the target group. We can help you with our experience.

    HTML or text newsletter?

    Newsletter can be sent as HTML or as a plain text newsletter. The advantage of HTML newsletters is freedom of design: the newsletters can be adapted to specific CI requirements and design ideas. Text newsletters, on the other hand, consist of pure text and therefore contain nothing but textual information. Which type of newsletter you ultimately ship, you should also make your target group dependent. Many messages are called nowadays tablets and smartphones – keep in mind the fact that your newsletter as well as on mobile devices is displayed in legible and attractive.
    Editing, programming and shipping – everything simple?
    With Web services like Mail Chimp also HTML newsletters can easily compose and send, and recipient lists can be managed with it. We take over the complete handling for you or support you with the handling and configuration of your programs. But Newsletter can also use the CMS TYPO3 are made, for example with the newsletter extension direct mail .
    Satisfied costumers
    For many customers, we have designed, designed and programmed newsletters. Many of our customers attach great importance to discretion We implement your requirements Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the implementation of your newsletter! We define the requirements together with you and advise you gladly.