We understand how important it is for you to have the exclusive rights of your branding and corporate identity. So, to give you more organizational power, we transfer you the exclusive ownership rights once we are done with the designing and finished logo has been delivered to you.

We guarantee our customers that we won’t intimate their Graphics design for any other client working in the same industry. But still we advise our clients to get their design registered as trademark with the corresponding Copyright agency. After registration, your logo becomes your intellectual property and no one else can copy your corporate identity, not even we.

At Designnplace, we transfer the design ownership rights to you; however we have the ownership rights of source files so we can display your design in our portfolio. We can transfer these rights to customer but at some additional charges.

We also transfer the right of ownership of the pre-designed logos available in our portfolio. We won’t resell these sold design to any other client and it will be displayed in our database along with your company name.