Bing Shopping

Microsoft offers in Bing Ads Accounts from now in the USA, UK, France, Germany and Australia the possibility to promote products by means of Bing Shopping on PC and Tablet. In the USA there is also the possibility to position the application on mobile phones. Through the new ads and the product search, it is now also possible to unlock shopping-level to other product search engines.

Advantages of Bing Shopping

An advantage of Bing Shopping is the new hierarchy overview. It offers the possibility to always be informed about the displayed product and costs. The product stock is sorted by means of certain attributes and then an appropriate bidding can take place. You can also view impressions, average click rate, clicks, and average cost per click. This allows a better reference to the customer’s product objectives. By importing existing Google shopping campaigns with the same structure and the functions of Bing Ads, an enormous time saving can be worked out.

Creation of a Bing Shopping Campaign

Clicking the button “Create campaign” reveals the new possibility of creating a shopping campaign named in Bing as a “shopping campaign”.  

Bing Shopping Shopping Campaign

The prerequisite for the creation of a purchasing campaign is the existence of a Merchant Center access. By linking the Bing Webmaster Tool to the Bing Ads Account, the administrator can create the Merchant Center. A so-called catalog with product data is stored there. The catalog works with Bing analogously to the feeds known from Google AdWords. The usability is considerably facilitated by a certain function. It is possible to import existing Google AdWords shopping campaigns.
Bing Merchant Center registration
The setting options are often the same as the Google campaign settings. According to Bing information, the same data feed can not be used for importing the product data. The requirements for the data sets differ minimally. From our experience, the Google data feeds still work. Overall, however, the match between the search query and the PLA that has been played leaves much to be desired. Try to get more information from Bing Support failed miserably … it is working on it and is still beta.