Professional and creative app development for B2C and B2B

Mobile applications for smartphones or tablet PCs to enable operators of Web services to provide users with useful information on the go. They offer many different features such as online shopping, navigation or online banking.

2011 there were worldwide about 800,000 apps. In 2013, this figure more than doubled. Currently, about 1.8 million apps worldwide in the app stores available and being added every day countless new. The potential for mobile applications is enormous.

App concept

Before each app programming is the content, the functional and technical design. Whether Android, Apple or Web Apps: The user experience is critical. We would be pleased to perform an analysis and develop a strategy tailored to your needs.

App programming

For the technical implementation it has to be clarified on which mobile platforms your target groups are to be found. As a rule, because of their market dominance iOS for iPhone / iPad and Android for other smartphones and tablets . Other platforms ( Windows, Blackberry ) should also be considered, if they are used significantly from your audiences.

Native Apps

A native app is generally then used when only one platform want to operate with your app, for example, if the app will only be available in the App Store of Apple. With the native development approach, the functions of the mobile devices and the operating systems can be exhausted optimally. Native apps are therefore also suitable for interactive functions. The native app development is performant and offers direct access to APIs .

Web Apps

Various frameworks allow you to program cross-platform, based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript applications for mobile devices. Thanks to various frameworks (z. B. Phonegap, based on Apache Cordova ) it is possible to offer Web Apps via the same distribution channels as native apps. For the user the difference is mostly not visible. Because no native code is written, Web apps can more quickly for various platforms porting (Phonegap supports both iOS and Android also Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Bada and WebOS ).

App marketing

App Marketing is one indispensable part of the marketing mix . The attention of your target group can only be reached if you are placed with your app in the top charts. Depending on whether you want to market an app as a product or use as a tool to advertise other products or as a service to your customers, we offer a range of different marketing tools to.

App marketing measures
  • App Store Optimization (ASO) – ranking charts and search function
  • Turn ads on mobile sites or in other apps
  • Connect to social networks like Facebook, Google+, and more.
  • Blog Marketing
  • Offline Marketing

Contact us and we will show you how to reach new target groups with simple applications and thus open up new markets.