AdWords Startup package – your ideal entry

You do not have a Google AdWords account yet and would like to advertise in one of the most important places on the Internet? Our AdWords Startup package is particularly useful if you want to gain experience with Google AdWords as a marketing channel, or you want to reach your ads with a limited budget.

Cost and success control

Thanks to the clear system, you always have full control over your advertising expenses. In addition, you receive a comprehensive success measurement and detailed monthly reports – at no extra cost!

These tools can also be used to control your campaigns during the lifetime of your campaigns.

Save start credits

With Designnplace, you can now secure up to $150 credit with Google AdWords. The basis is simply the opening of a new AdWords account through our agency.

AdWords optimization

Do you already have an existing Google AdWords account and would you like to optimize or expand this professionally?

Analyze and optimize your AdWords account

After analyzing your account through our Google AdWords Professionals, we will provide you with an individual offer to optimize your AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

The AdWords optimization includes several steps, all of which pursue a goal: make your account more powerful!

  • Fine analysis of the account
  • New and restructuring the campaigns
  • Target-oriented formulation of the ad text
  • Optimize and expand your keyword lists
  • Optimization of the keyword offer
  • Capture efficient keywords
  • Remove ineffective and expensive keywords
  • Optimal regional targeting of campaigns
  • Connectivity and optimization of conversion tracking
Benefits of AdWords Campaign Optimization
  • More efficient use of your budget
  • To uncover and use savings and optimization potentials
  • Increase click and conversion rates
  • Detailed reporting of key figures (before / after)
  • Optimal display positioning

After optimizing your AdWords account, we recommend you keep the account professionally managed. This is the only way to ensure long-term success. Optimized optimization is an important prerequisite to ensure the best possible efficiency of your ads, to use your budget profitably and thus to generate new customer contacts cost-effectively.

In most cases, after a targeted optimization, the cost per click (CPC) can be immediately and permanently reduced, and the click rates (CTR) of your ads and keywords often increase noticeably.

AdWords Management
Want to outsource your Google AdWords campaign management to a professional AdWords agency? We are your partner!
Outsourcing for lasting success

  • AdWords campaigns require ongoing support and optimization.Reaction to campaigns and offers from your competitors, cost adjustments as well as seasonal characteristics require constant analyzes and the resulting measures. By outsourcing these activities to they benefit from our know-how and save time and money.

Tasks of AdWords Management

  • Ongoing optimization of your campaigns
  • Continuous analysis and response to competition
  • keyword care
  • Ad design according to industry specific requirements
  • Optimization for AdWords quality factor
  • Ongoing reporting and analysis
  • Benefits of long-term AdWords management
  • Full cost control
  • Transparency of cost creation
  • Optimal ROI through professional support
  • Saving time and costs through outsourcing
  • contact person

AdWords consulting
Comprehensive consulting services on Google AdWords and search engine marketing in general. We find the optimal advertising strategy for you to achieve your online marketing goals.
Professional advice
whether you’re looking for support in getting started with Google AdWords or planning your AdWords optimization for an existing account:

We offer comprehensive consulting services on the topic of search engine marketing. In particular, we have specialized in Google AdWords, the most important model in the PPC landscape – from which you can only profit. We will provide you with a detailed overview of the possibilities to expand your customer base by targeted advertising with Google AdWords and to increase your turnover.

Advice for an optimal AdWords entry
you do not have an AdWords account yet and plan to get started with search engine marketing and would like to use AdWords for your company as a marketplace?

To all relevant points concerning the introduction to the advertising world of AdWords, is a competent partner at your side. We support and advise you to provide you with an optimal entry into advertising with AdWords. Our certified Google Professionals will be pleased to advise you personally to provide you with an individual solution tailored to your advertising needs.

Advice on optimizing your AdWords campaigns
you’re already running AdWords, but are dissatisfied with the performance of your campaigns? Or you just have too little time to deal intensively with your AdWords account?

Our team will be happy to help you with all your questions and problems with existing AdWords accounts and campaigns. Here, too, we offer our professional services to help your AdWords align with your advertising goals.