WordPress websites are excellent communication and marketing platforms for businesses.

WordPress are fun to use, its contents can be exchanged and complement quickly and easily. Through the format you convey media openness and a more current presence on the net.

We at Designnplace you create WordPress websites according to your personal needs – whether you want to complementing an existing website, or did you decide for the blog format instead of a rather more static website. In any case, we design a equipped with all your important functions website, which can be used by Designnplace also optimized for search engines and other social media platforms. You explain the planned content and the stated target group, we tailor your new WordPress site.

With WordPress you remain flexible

To achieve this kind of flexibility, search engine compatibility and ease of integration, we work with Designnplace with the content management system WordPress.

We deliberately chose this program because the function selection and ease of use meet the aesthetic and web standard, because we expect and our customers from us. At the same time uses the Web Company Designnplace with WordPress one of the world’s most used CMS systems, subject to continuous development.

You benefit from its modular design, subsequently simply incorporated with the newly developed function blocks in existing pages.Designnplace keeps you constantly about all options to date, and this can even with running blog running yet adden.

The variety of WordPress functions

In addition to his graphic versatility WordPress is primarily characterized by its ease of use. You are always just a few intuitive clicks away from the publication of your contributions; and all newly released program updates are easy to play and easily.

Additional programming skills you do not need. The practical contribution preview you will see an exact replice your contribution, to republish without him – that contributes enormously to avoid errors. Pictures and graphics can be effortlessly from your hard drive, upload and integrate at a desired location in the text. If you want, you grant other users (individually restrict able) editorial rights so that can take notes and guest writers or copywriters directly. The so important for search engines back-links and all internal links are easily inserted with the integrated link manager and manages clear. Password-protected items and an optional spam protection provide safety.

Particularly search engine friendly is the podcast function which allows easily integrate your existing and emerging image and product videos in your WordPress blog. Just search engines like Google respond to higher ranks on websites that offer multimedia services.

Your WordPress website should be as unique as you are.

In addition to the examples listed, SO-optimized and user-friendly standard features, there are a variety of optional modules (plug-ins). We at Designnplace your needs exactly and then beat you with a selection of optional features that may be useful to you.

These can then be integrated either immediately or gradually in your WordPress website – an interesting approach, incidentally, also to generate traffic. Notice your readers namely, that constantly Theme website content expanded and made more versatile, they look over more often. To reach your goal with the WordPress software portfolio, the tailored Blog surface of Designnplace and your individual content: loyal and continuously recurring users who become customers.