We & June from April to undertake this work for you. We develop custom-tailored web applications that allow you to facilitate work processes and communication within the company, and thus through time costs bring about a reduction in costs. Improve collaboration with your employees, give in to the them the right tools in the form of customized web applications at hand . Or perform stimulating discussions regarding your hobby in April and June of unconverted forum, the ideas are almost limitless.


We will advise you on the selection of a suitable system and implement your wishes and ideas into a suitable design. Through password protected administrative portions you are able to retrieve the contents of the systems regardless of location and change it. We from April & June ensure easy and safe operation of your desired application.

April & June offers you a variety of ways to your Web application you want to set scene. Upon request we provide for you:

  • Forum Systems: We create your individual needs a forums system or manage your data into existing systems forums.
  • Blog Systems: To your customers always obtain the latest information we provide from April & June gladly set up a blog to your particular requirements. And for the creation of custom content, we can provide with our experienced team Conten.
  • Store Systems: April & June you create a professional and secure online shop allows you to bring your products to the customer as possible.
  • Web Galleries: We develop specially designed for you according to your web galleries to your pictures or to present products as possible. We use the latest software to give you an edge over your competition.
  • Statistics Tools: If you want to have an overview of the number of visitors and time spent on your website? Do they want to know what products will receive the most attention in order to specifically operate online marketing? We implement statistical tools for you with which you are able to track the progress of your targeted website and act accordingly. Also requests through search engines are detected by the statistical tools, based on this evaluation, the search engine optimization can be improved in order to attract targeted customers to your site.
  • Content Management Systems: You want to make the content of your website in the future freely and not because of any change in your offer again must come to us? With a professional content management system, we give you this freedom.
  • Communities: April & June designed specifically for communities to company or private use. Improve communication in your company, or you create a virtual network to share with friends, business partners or peers to stay in touch.