A responsive web design optimized for smartphone and tablet is no longer possible from our current society. Indeed, over 80% of websites are visited mobile and the time of endless scrolling is actually over.

Nevertheless, many companies are still behind the facts when it comes to accessibility on mobile. Visitors are making more demands on mobile and therefore your website needs to be with time.

Responsive website

Designnplace programs your websites responsive, that is, scalable. By programming your site responsibly, switch devices automatically to the best possible view.

We make sure your site looks good in every browser. Without exception and as you intended. The main advantage of this is that functions previously unavailable can now be found.

In short: through responsive design, your visitor will always get the best experience possible. Therefore, a separate mobile site is no longer desirable.

Google ranking vs. responsive

Google has indicated that it is using its “mobile friendly algorithm” in real time. Has a Google web crawler visited your website and found that it is mobile-friendly? Then this will have a positive effect on your ranking and ultimately for the search results.

Whether a website is mobile-friendly depends on a number of factors. For example, a visitor does not need to scroll horizontally on a mobile-friendly website, and the text is perfectly readable without having to zoom in.

With a responsive website, your site is being rated by the Google search engine as mobile-friendly and your website will be higher in Google ranking.

Mobile friendliness test

Whether Google qualifies a webpage as mobile-friendly, you can easily test yourself using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

In addition, you can use Google Webmaster Tools. Under the Mobile Usability heading, Google provides feedback about your website’s mobile-friendly recommendations, or the “No Mobile Utility Errors” message.

Responsive web design tailored

Every design is unique. There are several factors that play a role in the creation of a design. Designnplace ensures that the design is in line with your corporate style and image.

Based on our experience, we will provide you with appropriate advice. What elements work? Which not? Thanks to our structured approach, success is guaranteed.