Facebook Connect

The implementation of Facebook Connect allows website visitors in addition to interactions to integrate without an additional login procedure or a new registration.

Instead, the visitor is authenticated during the website using Facebook Connect as a member on Facebook API detects the user’s online identity. Visitors who are already active on Facebook, and thus in terms of viral marketing are the primary target group is therefore not have to sign up first, but can directly join or participate in interactive features of the site.

Since the required mandatory registration, a majority of potential users or customers are lost, and is to be expected since without identifying the user with unwanted advertising and spam posters, welcome many webmasters the Facebook Connect technology.
Due to the direct connection with the social media platform increases also for practical reasons, the willingness of users to notify other Facebook users who visited and used site or to exchange views on the Web project.
For communities and blogs is also close to the advantage that recorded the users with their own profile without any fuss or programming effort be and can be active, for example, with the suitable avatar.

ensures the flexibility and compatibility of the interface that Facebook Connect can be integrated stable and secure.
particularly in the planning and design of new communities and social media projects, it is advisable to implement and user- involve transfer rather than reinventing the wheel with additional cost. To implement your social media project successfully and efficiently is available online Solution Int happy to help.