Through a comprehensive corporate design you are able to show your corporate identity to the outside world. Therefore it is important that your corporate image is meaningful and unique. Through your individual corporate design will allow you to bring about a lasting brand recognition with your customers. This offers the advantage that both your customers and your employees with your company identify and bind to long term. Due to the large number of websites you need for your business or organization a unique corporate design, which allows you to stand out from the crowd . We from April & May do the job for you and deliver you to develop a comprehensive corporate design that adapts to your corporate identity, your wishes and ideas. We are happy to also expand your existing corporate design or help you develop new ideas. A comprehensive corporate design involves creating a logo (logo), the unique design of your business stationery, design your advertising, packaging, and especially your website. Seek advice from our experienced staff.

We will take care of the …

  • Creating a logo
  • Incorporating your existing logo into your new corporate design
  • Adapting your business papers
  • Designing your advertising materials and packaging
  • Creating a unique web presence, individually adapted to your corporate design.

Just give us a call and ask for our services, we are happy to tailor to your needs go.