Content Management System

Content independently manage With a content management system

justCMS you and your staff are able to independently maintain and media texts and manage your web presence. In addition, it related processes are coordinated and organized. With a web-based content management system you are at any time regardless of your location or system to be able to edit your website.

Site Concept created for you individually tailored CMS solution . This high level of spending on licenses are not required. Open source systems such as Redaxo or Contao (formerly TypoLight) are free, flexible and scalable. Easily and without any prior knowledge or programming skills you can use these CM systemsmanage your website on your own.
Together we will find the right for you and optimized to your needs editing system.

It’s finally here. After years of development (PHP / MySQL), we introduce our own content management system.
Thanks to the modular structure, our content management system, despite its complexity, very intuitive. No programming knowledge, no complex training, no time investment in long-winded instructions. Our content management system is in order and be user-friendly application designed so that you can start with the creation of your website

Basic Content Management System (CMS) Features

  • Protected administration area (https)
  • Timed websites and page elements
  • Mehrsprachgigkeit (any)
  • Multi-project, multi-domain capable ofall projects can be edited independently(voice, text, images, link structure, layout, etc.)
  • Editable pages with archive function
  • Intuitive operation – Edit Like Surfing (Edit view in frontend)
  • no Programming Skills necessary.
  • Multidimensional and any deep link structure
  • Fade function for the sub-pages and page elements
  • pages can complete the disabled (404), or be hidden only in the navigation (can be accessed if known).
  • Draft mode during editing, or live mode selectable.
  • Save pages as “Draft”.
  • Contact forms, arbitrarily and easily configurable using autoresponders, “Thank you” – Page and antispam protection

Design Assistant

Web design change with a click

Template System

Page-specific and global positioning of content, global or individual layout definition for each page (columns, link structure, etc.)


  • Full Text Search (PDF / page content)
  • Auto Sitemap (HTML and XML)
  • RSS Feed
  • Banner Manager can be integrated at predefined positions advertising in HTML and Flash Form
    Download content as PDF “Print” – function (print media CSS)

Course / storage / backup

A timeline is integrated for all the pages in chronological order all the older versions of the

  • sub-pages are stored.One click and you have restored the older version.
  • Trash – Deleted all pages are found in the recycle bin by clicking on “Restore” sets the page back to your old position.
  • Backup – the complete database is backed up daily and is on any time the
    resettable last 15 days. Memory points can also be manually set to the database can be reset.

create many folders and galleries in the library

PHP upload
images, videos or documents of any kind up to 100 MB per file upload.
Upon request, this value can be adjusted as desired.

Video / FLV Converter
Integrated FLV converter, converts your movie automatically during upload to FLV format.
Whether AVI, MPG, WMV Upload enfach in the library insert into your page and you’re done.

Attractive picture gallery (lightbox)

Select a folder from the library and embed a gallery into your page
Einzellne import images into the page or include as div background
Picture Effects and sizes are calculated by the system, no preparatory work required
Images can be enlarged proportionally, rotate and apply effects
(shadow, outline, emboss, watermarks, etc.)
Image recalculation of the original image, no loss of quality after multiple processing

Widget system

Page-specific and global positioning of the widget boxes
(content that are repeated on several pages that do not need to be rewritten again and again)

Form Generator
create any number of forms with drag & drop, easy, and can be configured separately

List Builder

create as many lists (FAQ, menu, offers, real estate, etc..),
easy configurable with list view and Detail.

Customer – Log protected pages
Customer management, user rights:
customer side bottoms are fed meadow user rights, or by range categories
(eg information, design, images, PDFs, quotes, invoices, etc).
New areas / sub pages added at any time the rights are granted.
All customer pages can own link structure and custom design to get.
– each in their own library with upload, sort functions (images, documents, videos, etc. ..)
– Custom Pages Create and Edit permission in admin
– Creating more customer sites as independent projects in a few minutes.


Create, delete users, assign user rights – User Management
three basic groups of users (configurable) Admin (read, write, publish, account settings, user rights) editor (read, write, publish)intern (read, store design with predefined styles)

Address Book
Import existing customers and business contacts from other programs via the CSV file into Address Book. Sort individually or by groups of customers (possibly for Newsletter …)
Set / delete email accounts
Add new domains / languages

All pages can be saved as a “newsletter” template and sent, or one of the many templates are used.
Send newsletter by customer group or individually.

News with archive function
Page-specific and global news blocks, either static or dynamic representation.

SEO Onpage (source)

W3C compliant code – error free code
(eg same appearance in IE8, Firefox 2.0, Safari, Opera etc.)
All pages / subpages individual title, description, keywords
Keyword density measurement and adjustment to the top finishers.

Marketing Analysis

extensive statistical analysis of page views

Search results
most visited pages
Visitor information (number of visits, origin, technical equipment)

Keyword Analysis
Tabular and Graphical analysis for any period
and much more.


Upgradeable – Modular system
Development and free update time (current version 7.3)
Unique CMS license, no ongoing costs.

Our content management system is modular and multi-domain / project operational. If you host with us, you benefit from the free updates / upgrades to the latest level