is one of the best PHP open source framework frameworks


CodeIgniter is one of the best PHP open source framework frameworks used for fast web application development. It is a web application framework with an MVC (Model View Controller) pattern.

This enables us to transform the innovative and illustrative concepts of its users into your web application. If you do not feel like complex development tools but rather have simple effective solutions, you might want to go for the CodeIgniter framework.

CodeIgniter structure

We have an experienced team of PHP developers who develop web applications with a clear structure so users can manage their applications without problems. Our developers get the best features of CodeIgniter and create web applications without complex structures.

We work closely with you so that we know exactly what your wishes are, look for technical details that fit the latest design trends and develop your website accordingly.

Benefits of CodeIgniter

In addition to providing effective web development solutions, CodeIgniter has a number of other benefits for both users and developers. It has an extensive set of features for developers so they can build the applications faster.

CodeIgniter is kept as lean as possible, resulting in a high performance is achieved and the learning curve compared to other frameworks is short. The central component is the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. The use of model and view is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended for clarity. CodeIgniter library contains a large number of classes and helper functions that remove the developer standard tasks. Examples are XML-RPC, database access, input validation, sessions and file uploads. So Web applications can be developed quickly and safely. A major strength of CodeIgniter is the simple configuration. In general, you do not need much more than the database connection and define the base url.

So if you need an application with little code that is very fast and very functional, then choose our Web application development. This PHP framework also has a simple interface with logical structure to use these features. However, there are additional benefits to users, such as:

  • Highly functional websites with a simple structure
  • Performance-oriented web applications that are easy to manage
  • Very secure development
  • Development with clear and comprehensive documentation
  • Flexible applications with customized features
  • SEO-friendly and simple URLs for a leading online position