Key factors for a successful website are timeliness of information and design.

To realize this and to maintain always been associated with a large amount of time and expense. With a content management system (CMS) will reduce costs and the time needed to create and maintain your web pages.After that, you can set texts in your website and even edit, update existing information along with images immediately post-click on the Internet.It is your corporate design always kept so that their websites for a unified and harmonious publication is guaranteed.

In order to use a content management system, you need no HTML or programming knowledge. A CMS can also be easily integrated into existing websites.For this purpose, existing web pages can be made maintainable, such as:

  • Vacancies
  • Press Releases
  • News releases
  • Offers
  • Upcoming dates, etc.

Through modular user management and definable rights allocation, it is possible to involve multiple people working on a project. For example, an employee in the marketing department access be given to the supply section, while an employee of the sale has the right to change product specifications or even create new products. The CMS Admin has the ability to set for almost every activity and function rights for productive teamwork.

In the selection of content management systems, we are increasingly on the use of “open source” systems based on PHP / MySQL, which are subject to the GPL license. This freely available from license-free systems bring, along with the high development progress by third parties and the non-existent license restrictions, the advantage of constant development and adaptation to the current requirements of the WWW with it.

Benefits for the user

  • Care by multiple users worldwide via the Internet
  • Site maintenance is done with the Internet browser
  • No software installation on the client computer
  • No additional license costs
  • Images are loaded on the server and easily integrated into HTML pages
  • Low cost to implement
  • Very simple operation
  • Multilingualism
  • Search engine friendly structures

Our use of CMS systems are ideally suited for the development of complex internet and intranet applications, and already tested several times in the use of our customers.
Furthermore, we use to wish our very own CMS product designed specifically for the user-friendliness (usability) and search engine friendliness. Here you will find detailed information about SEO CMS