is an open source PHP MCV (Model-View-Controller) framework


CakePHP is an open source PHP MCV (Model-View-Controller) framework that enables us to build complex web applications in a short period of time. CakePHP application development is very suitable for developing complex websites because it makes the work simpler. This has made it the most popular open source PHP web development tool developed by developers.

CakePHP development

We aim at Designnplace to provide you with robust, measurable and performance-oriented application development. We follow a proven PHP web application development process that ensures that every step of the project is treated very carefully.

We first do extensive research before we start the projects, understand what you expect from the project and go on until the project goes smoothly. This enables us to deliver solutions that match your specific needs and add value to your business.

CakePHP & Responsive

The CakePHP framework saves you a lot of work in responding to your web design, is safer and complies with industry standards so that responsive quality is always guaranteed.

Because this framework is written in PHP, the full responsive techniques are seamlessly seamless and this greatly improves the speed of your responsive website. So Google will find your site faster and higher in ranking on mobile browsers on smartphone and tablet.


  • Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5
  • Reduces code repeat
  • Fast and flexible templates
  • AJAX, JavaScript, HTML forms
  • Data validation functions
  • MIT licensed
  • Free

Our experience

We are very much talking about CakePHP and over 2000 PHP websites have been developed worldwide. In addition, there are many experienced and PHP developers in the community who like to share their knowledge and new solutions.

In addition, it is cost effective, of very high quality and very punctual in development. Our experience with this PHP framework is that of 100% confidentiality and you ultimately have 100% real estate rights.

Why Choose

Our PHP Developers team consists of experienced professionals who are looking forward to a challenge. We build cost effective, safe and measurable web applications that save you time in website development and significantly increase your productivity.