AJAX stands for "Asynchronous Javascript And XML".


AJAX stands for “Asynchronous Javascript And XML”.

It is a web method for communication between the web server and the browser without having to refresh the page. AJAX is often called in one breath with the terms ” Rich Internet Applications ” and “Web 2.0”. It is a trend that has taken a rising line in recent years. The technique is applicable in many ways. Designnplace sees AJAX as a method that can be used for a better and more direct user experience.

The introduction of AJAX has given the world wide web a huge boost due to the fact that many direct forms of interaction were possible. We call a few:

  • Drag-and-drop: to drag objects. More and more used at web shops and controls like sliders.
  • Autocompletion: Automatically populates data based on user-typed text. Examples of these are found in search systems.
  • Quick filters: filtering data by selection of preconditions. The data will be filtered immediately after the users have selected a border condition.


Such innovations have made web applications come closer to desktop applications. Due to the direct interaction and faster interaction between browser and server, the difference between both types of software is faded. This is evident in web applications like Gmail and Net vibes , which, as a user, does not actually mean that data is being retrieved and written to the server. But there are also lesser known examples of web applications in which AJAX technology is used solely to support usage: Amazon and ABN AMRO websites contain all sorts of AJAX technology sites to ease user convenience.


It should be clear that AJAX has brought new opportunities. Designnplace is at the forefront of AJAX implementations: our usability experts are constantly looking for ways to make web applications more intuitive and direct. This can be in small elements, such as auto-completion of input fields, but we also get it bigger. As with the rosterization tool we made for Déhora: this application approaches in all aspects of the behavior of a desktop application: direct input, instant messaging, barely full page refreshments, and office-like interaction. In short: the innovative power of Designnplace guarantees a well-thought-out AJAX application!