is a central marketing discipline in Internet marketing.

Affiliates Marketing

Affiliates Marketing (Affiliate) is a central marketing discipline in Internet marketing.

Affiliates Marketing

Affiliates Marketing (Affiliate) Internet-based marketing solution to enable third website operators or solicit and distribute your products and services on a commission basis. The website operator (“Publisher” or “Affiliates” called) bind to each of your predefined advertising into their own internet projects for your application program. Basically every affiliate program is based on the principle of a commission for the intermediary.For you this means that you only pay a commission after the action to the respective partners. The settlement and the interface between the publisher and you as a Merchant (Merchant) are formed by the affiliate network. The affiliate network provides the technology available to measure and manage the transactions and affiliate commissions. Figuratively open the Publisher via the affiliate network system, a virtual store to sell your products and services.

The participants in an affiliate program are:

  • You as a Merchant or Advertiser to offer products and services
  • Webmasters or publishers using your advertising to sell your products on commission
  • Affiliate networks that take the interface tracking and billing, as well as make for the publisher, the advertising media available
  • We as an agency that takes care of your campaign, and advertising materials created by publishers as contacts available
  • Each switch via a link which contains a special affiliate code. With the affiliate link can be activities such as purchase orders, registrations, downloads, etc. and register the respective publishers assign.After completing the transaction, your share gives your broker a commission percentage for the completed transfer. The most common commission models in affiliate marketing are: “click”, for example, on a banner ad or text link, “lead”, completion of forms or notification, and “Sale”, to order products or services. Only where there is sales commissions are paid or measurable results.
  • This brings you the advantage of keeping costs and high branding effect for your brands and products.

Our services are:

  • Testing your products and services to the Affiliates Marketing
  • Development of simple processes and ordering processes on your web pages
  • Selecting the appropriate affiliate networks
  • Competitive analysis and planning of compensation models
  • Creating and managing advertising
  • Personal care of the Publisher
  • Planning and implementation of specific actions
  • Tracking, performance and statistical analysis

Affiliates Marketing as an online sales channel can also give you virtual distributors offer no fixed costs. Important criteria for the success of your campaign, are competitive products and services, combined with simple statements and easy ordering procedures, at lucrative commission models for your partner. To invest in powerful distribution networks is the focus of our work. We help you with the selection of the affiliate networks and support you with proven means in your affiliate campaign.